GAP Education

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Course Content

GAP Education has developed an excellent, progressive teaching system using a combination of our own course materials, a wide range of workbooks and past exam paper practice. The pupils are thoroughly tutored and prepared for their examinations, usually taking them to a much higher level than specified to ensure they have the greatest opportunity for success.

The maximum class size is 10. This enables the teachers to give one-to-one support whilst maintaining the group dynamic of support and encouragement. Students tell us they like meeting other pupils from different schools who have the same interests. Each session is 2 hours long consisting of 2 lessons of 55 minutes each. There is a 10 minute break in between. This allows the students time to focus more during the lessons.

The courses run from September – July. Students are welcome to join us at any time of the year. 

Course Content

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths.

Both Higher and Foundation levels.

Combined, as well as Triple science syllabus.

Exam techniques taught and practiced.

Past papers covered with detailed analysis of the mark schemes.

AQA, Edexcel and OCR content are all covered.