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Who will suit our Centres?

Tuition Groups appeal to many students as it is not as intense as one to one home tutoring. Social interaction with like minded pupils results in a positive environment to encourage learning, together with light hearted competition. Children are often motivated by going to the sessions with their peer group and the involvement of a third party often helps children be more motivated and diligent than they might be at home.

Tuition Groups are also good for those children with ‘top table syndrome’. This is where some children are of the belief that they are head and shoulders above the rest because of their current peer group. However, they don’t realise, until they come to a tuition group, that actually they are not as clever as they thought they were. Here, they will often find some other children who are quicker or make fewer mistakes or who are more advanced and this helps children with ‘top table syndrome’ to re-double their efforts.

Parents with little time may like the idea of tuition groups where they can leave their child for a couple of hours and get on with other chores that need to be done. Home tutoring is invasive to the home environment and prevents parents getting on with other things.

Tuition Groups tend to also suit families where concentration would be difficult in the home for example too many screens, other siblings, too much noise. In many instances there is no separate room for tutoring so the lounge or dining area is used. This is not ideal.

Advantages of our Tuition Centres

  • Cheaper than a Private Tutor
  • Children benefit from the involvement of a third party and don’t want to let them down.
  • Children benefit from competing with their peers.
  • Covers the entire Maths and Science syllabuses from all exam boards.
  • We use the correct materials to give your child the best chance.